C&C Cabinets was established in 1994 and incorporated in 2003 as Commercial & Custom Cabinets, Inc., and has exhibited steady growth in all areas including; personnel, facility space, and sales revenues. Commercial & Custom Cabinets, Inc. in turn has lowered production turn-around time and costs, while maintaining quality and personalized service. Commercial & Custom Cabinets, Inc. has been able to endure the economic slow downs, because of the diverse range of products and services we can offer within the millwork and fixture industry.

Commercial & Custom Cabinets, Inc. provides more than just cabinets; we offer design, value engineering, production shop drawings and manufacturing for high-end custom fixtures as well. Although Commercial & Custom Cabinets, Inc. produces a standard production line style cabinet that meets and exceeds AWI custom specifications, we also build to meet individual architectural requirements. Commercial & Custom Cabinets, Inc. reaches beyond casework by providing wood panel systems, high-end custom fixtures, millwork, and woodwork, finished and unfinished.
Bank fixtures are another area hat Commercial & Custom Cabinets, Inc. has expanded into, providing teller lines and millwork for brick and mortar branches and retail banks all over the U.S. Bank related projects have afforded us the opportunities to exhibit all our skills including solid surface fabrication, high-end wood working and finishing.
At Commercial & Custom Cabinets, Inc., we work close with our clients to ensure the timely production of the quality products they expect and deserve, whether it’s a general contractor or owner. We not only work hard to get your business but work equally as hard to keep it! Commercial & Custom Cabinets, Inc. is proud to be the specified suppliers of millwork and casework by many in the metro-Atlanta area.

Our highly regarded services can help you address a wide variety of millwork design challenges. Give us a call today to find out how we can help your project take on a whole new look.

Atlanta Georgia